Moon is void of course as the she moves into Libra today!  So with our inner self wanting to get things in order and our outer self, feeling a need to restore balance and make everything aesthetically pleasing you may feel today is the day to… do a budget, clean the house, get that growing pile of hand washing done, weed and water those pot plants that have been threatening to suicide…HOWEVER, given that today is the lowest ebb of the lunar cycle, you may feel like you haven’t got the energy to do basic self grooming! We’ve got a curious hybrid of wanting both action and rest.

So might I suggest that instead of trying to get heaps done on a physical level and wiping yourself out energetically, that you dedicate some of your day to attending to details whilst in a sedentary position…such as formulating a strategy for future growth based on an honest appraisal of your past and present circumstances. This is the ideal time for assessment…so have a meeting or journal what’s working and what isn’t & what needs to happen in any area of your life that’s been feeling a bit out of control & you’ll still feel like you seized the day without having a seizure!

Libra evokes our inner archetype of Athena, the golden heroine who creates a plan before starting any endeavor to ensure step-by-step success without overwhelm. Start with your goal & work backwards to where you are & you have your plan for moving forwards.

Blessings on your day,