Void into Cancer

Jan 9, 2020

The moon will move into Cancer after a period being Void (making no major aspects) at 7.43pm Melbourne Australia time. This may give you the inner urge to stock your larder, sort cupboards, tidy away Xmas decorations & generally get your house in order. To find out when for your time zone go to: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

This is because the sign Cancer, like it’s symbol the crab governs our sense of home, safety & belonging. This is why when we feel out of sorts, tidying up our environment can center us. Just as making a pot of soup can calm us down. So too, when our home is an inviting space to come home to we feel held, nurtured & loved. Similarly the state of your home can be an indicator as to how well you are able to mother yourself by identifying & tending to your personal needs.

So if your house has become a tip chances are your inner child is feeling a tad needy & uncared for, (despite how well you may look after others). Alternatively your inner teenager may be the culprit with unacknowledged anger toward your own mother which causes you to rebel by not looking after yourself & your environment. (For example, if if you grew up in a house that was so clean & ordered that you felt as a child that your parents cared more about
the state of the walls than your emotional wellbeing if you put your hands on the wall lest you left a mark. If on the
other hand your folks were chaotic in how they kept house your form of rebellion may be to keep your home as neat as a pin!)

How This Plays Out In the Macrocosm… The disease, Cancer is made up of cells which attack rather than support our bodies. So if we wish to decrease the chances of growing cancerous cells we need to be as supportive of our health & growth as possible. Here in the West where this dis-ease is an epidemic we are collectively rebelling against the Earth Mother by living lives that are disconnected from nature & eating man made processed foods which deny nature & the fact we need nature to survive.

When we understand this pathological lifestyle is an unconscious attempt to show how grown up & independent we are like teenagers trying to individuate from our parent we can start taking more responsibility for ourselves borne out of self love rather than self criticism & shift this status quo.

N.B. If you’d like more info on how empowering your inner Mother can enhance your relationships with others, regardless whether you’re male or female check out my book, ‘Creating Sacred Union Within’.


Blessings on your day, be kind to yourself 




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