Moon is becoming void (making no major aspects) as she moves from Aquarius to Pisces so you may feel a bit laxidasical today so don’t expect to get a lot done today or have crystal clear clarity of thought. You will find your dream recall and vividness will increase as we enter the realm of Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams, so do take the time, if you can to reflect upon their meaning if you’re lucky enough to remember them.

With Mercury in the sign of Scorpio, we will be drawn to discuss the themes of sex, death, transformation and societal taboos, so expect deep and meaningful exchanges, sharing your deepest truth rather than shallow chit chats about the latest headlines or gossip. Today is a great day to meditate so if you don’t have a regular practice, consider just sitting quietly, bringing yourself into a state of complete awareness of the present moment…notice everything in your outer surroundings, such as the birdsong, the smells in the air, the colours and textures around you and also what you can observe within you – how you’re feeling in your body, such as whether there are any areas of stiffness, how you feel energetically, your breathing pattern…do not try to change or resist any of it. Breathe it all in to your heart space with the intent of complete acceptance of everything, just the way it is. This is Zen. This awareness can also be applied as a walking meditation.
This type of meditation is great for those who have an active mind, rather than trying to completely silence the
mind which can drive one crazy. For if one tries to do something the opposite polarity immediately shows itself.

Given the sun is transiting through Libra, an air sign which stimulates our mental chatter, quieting the mind may be more challenging, even if you do meditate on a regular basis.

Moon enters void of course at 5.26am Melbourne Australia time before entering Pisces at 3.05am on 10/10/19 you may like to check out relevant times for your time zone through this link:

Blessings on your day,