Moon has moved from Libra into Scorpio…so if you made plans with others & are now feeling more reclusive…all is well, you’re just feeling the effects of the moon.

This is because Libra is one of the most social of signs, so when the moon moves through Libra for 2.5 days each month we can start to wonder why we don’t see more of our friends & make plans accordingly…but by the time the Scorpio rolls around we’re no longer going to be splashing about in the shallow end of the pool, discussing small talk with a G & T in our hand…instead you may feel as if you are imploding in the murky waters of intense feeling, which can cause us to withdraw or seek relief in the form of escapist movies or mind altering sex.

So do keep this in mind when making plans.

Water therapy is always a good rule of thumb when the moon moves through Scorpio, as this helps to calm the inner tides. Just as getting kids in a bath helps their wild child archetype assimilate back into domestic routines.

Depending on whether you need to lift or drop in – usually dictated by your seasonal climate, seek buoyant refreshment frolicking in the surf with a boogie board or unwind with your favourite book in a deep tub with your favourite essential oils.

Blessings on your day,

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