What is First Quarter Moon…and why should you care?


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What is First Quarter Moon…and why should you care?

In the Northern Hemisphere, first quarter moon is when the right side of the moon is illuminated (pictured). In the Southern hemisphere, it’s when the left side is illuminated.

First quarter moon is the second lunar phase in a lunar month. It occurs a week after new moon. The first quarter moon is the phase of the moon when we can see one half of the moon’s surface illuminated in the night sky. This is when the sun and moon are roughly at 90 degrees (right angles) from one another. The First Quarter Moon rises in the middle of the day and can be seen in the daytime sky.

While the new moon is the time to set intention, the first quarter moon is a time to take action on our goals and assess the progress of our plans and modify them accordingly. Traditionally this was a time used to mark midpoint check-ups and revising plans if needed – so make use of it for this purpose! Yes, just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, if we align with the phases of the moon we reflect on our actions to avoid making costly mistakes.


First quarter moon is a time to reflect on what you’ve been doing, evaluate what’s not working, and change course if needed.

This is the point in the two weeks when the moon is waxing – appearing more luminous by the day until it reaches the full moon phase. During this window is when our energy levels are increasing, making this an ideal time to extend both your workout and your social life and schedule events like launches or anything that requires you ‘put yourself out there’ as you’ll have more confidence and get up and go.

The first quarter moon occurs when the moon is 50% illuminated. This phase is when we tend to feel enthusiastic and inspired to get things done, making it a great time for taking action on any goals you set during the new moon.


Struggle with finishing what you start?

If you’re having trouble finishing something off, it’s probably due to some sort of resistance within yourself that needs addressing. Set reminders in your phone for follow up at this time each month to improve follow through and maximise your complete tasks and reap the harvest of your efforts. To access the dates of the moon phases each year go here.

This phase evokes the inner teenager so if we are immature we can struggle to ‘walk our talk’. In other words, we may promise others the world but not follow through with right action. So be mindful of not overcommitting at this time of the month or you’ll break trust along with your broken agreements – both in your personal and professional life.

In relationships, this is the ideal time to schedule a ‘boys’ night’ or ‘girls’ night’ to blow off some steam and let your hair down by having fun. This is especially important for parents and couples to ensure they don’t feel so overburdened with responsibilities that the inner spark dies along with their passion for each other.


Feel inspired to make your life goals a reality by harnessing the power of the natural cycles

To help women harness the power of each new moon as personal empowerment practice, check out my Red Tent facilitator training for women.



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