What is the 12 Suns?


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The practice of the 12 Suns is an initiation path, equivalent to the Red Tent / 13 Moons for women. In the Red Tent, women gather in a moon lodge at the start of each of the 13 lunar months to process the previous month and set clear intentions for the month ahead.

In the 12 Suns, men gather in a sun lodge at the start of a new solar month (when the sun moves into a new zodiac sign.) This provides men of all ages an opportunity to review the outcomes of their choices in the previous month and process past experiences to transmute pain into the wisdom of understanding and glean lessons to avoid repeating costly mistakes. 

A Point of Difference

Unlike other men’s circles, this practice is facilitated by a woman – a Magdalene, the term given to a high priestess in the ancient mystic tradition know as The Grail. A Magdalene was a priestess who embodied the wisdom of the cycles so she could assist men to consciously journey their solar cycle to awaken the traits of the sacred masculine.

Alternatively, the 12 Suns could be presided over by a Merlyn – a Druidic high priest who had integrated the wisdom of the cycles and the feminine archetype of the mystic.

Alchemical Transformation

Just as Luke was trained by Yoda and The Karate Kid by Mr Miyagi, every man needs an initiation into the mysteries of life if he is to awaken his true power and embody the archetypal hero.

The power of the 12 Suns lays in the fact it combines universal lessons of mythology with the relevance of astrological transits that bring the myth alive. Together, they provide a dynamic framework to map the inner terrain of a man’s psyche and assist him to identify the specific challenges he would have to master each month.

A man who completed the annual cycle of the 12 Suns embodied the resurrected solar hero or world saviour who dedicated his efforts to something greater and in doing so became a greater version of himself.

Most men journey the path of the 12 Suns unconsciously as the sun initiates them every month with a new set of challenges. When men have the insight of the mystic feminine to illuminate the path ahead and guide them and the support of a circle of brothers, they have the support they need to successfully complete their archetypal hero’s journey. This is why sacred kings like Yeshua (Jesus) and King Arthur both had an inner circle of 12 loyal brothers whose fellowship was essential to their leadership.

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