The moon doesn’t just affect the ocean’s tides but our inner tidal rhythms since we’re comprised of 65% water. The ebb and flow of our inner tide impacts our emotions, psyche, moods, libido and creativity. Women are more sensitive to the lunar cycle as, just like the moon we have a monthly cycle like the moon. 


5 Benefits Women Gain

From Aligning with the Moon Phases The moon has a 29.5-day cycle, like most women so when women understand how the lunar phases impact their psyche & emotions, they can caretake their needs & experience the following benefits:

  1. Balanced emotions
  2. Heightened intuition
  3. A more regular fertility cycle
  4. Greater self-awareness and empowerment
  5. Enhanced self-acceptance


3 Ways the Moon Sign

Affects Women Every Month The moon moves into a new zodiac sign approximately every 2.5 days. So over a full lunar month it moves through every sign on the zodiac wheel. Each month when the moon is in our natal moon sign (the sign the moon was in when we were born), we are more likely to:

  1. Feel more emotional and triggered
  2. Experience ‘A-Ha!’ flashes of insight
  3. Spontaneously ovulate, if still fertile

Are Men Influenced by the Moon?

Men are also affected by the moon, especially those with their sun, moon or ascendent or a lot of planets in Cancer, the zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon.  Regardless of when men are born, they will also feel sensitive when the moon moves through their natal moon sign. Tracking this can help to enhance self-care to avoid feeling moody and reactive which can undermine harmony in all our relationships, both personal and professional.  

Want to Know More About The Impact of Your Moon Sign?

To find out what sign the moon was in when you were born, click here

To find out more about the effect of your moon sign, click your moon sign below.

1. Moon in Aries 2. Moon in Taurus 3. Moon in Gemini 4. Moon in Cancer 5. Moon in Leo 6. Moon in Virgo 7. Moon in Libra 8. Moon in Scorpio 9. Moon in Saggitarius 10. Moon in Capricorn 11. Moon in Aquarius 12. Moon in Pisces



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