Most people want a soul fulfilling relationship. Someone they can share all of themselves with – not just part of themselves. Someone who is capable of seeing and honouring their different facets.

To do this we must get to know the aspects of both our inner feminine & masculine halves, which combined make up the blueprint of our multi-faceted soul self. 

The more discordant our parent’s relationship, which modelled a blueprint of these inner gender roles, the greater the challenge to harmonise these opposing forces within. Kind of like Lily Tomlin & Steve Martin enacting the discord of two people sharing the same body in the classic comedy film, ‘All of Me.’

We do this by getting acquainted with each of our feminine and masculine archetypes – the facets of our opposite polarities that must be balanced internally before we can enjoy equal & balanced partnerships. This awareness helps us individuate from the conditioning we received in childhood, so we can reclaim our unique & authentic personal self-expression.

Each of these masculine & feminine archetypal energies govern one of our seven major energy centres, commonly referred to as chakras, meaning wheel of light.  When we master the expression of these aspects we unblock our life force (known as kundalini in ancient Sanskrit) from the base to our crown. This raises the level of both our consciousness & personal power & was once what set one apart as being royal in stature in the ancient world, rather than the later custom of bloodlines – regardless of their level of awareness or maturity.

In Mysticism this energetic process of inner alchemy was described as awakening the twin serpents…referring to the masculine & feminine energy meridians that when raised around the nervous cord in our spine create the caduceus, the symbol for healing which was later adopted by the fraternity of modern medicine. It portrays the two serpents spiralling up a central pillar, (the nervous system) with wings outstretched.

By marrying the seven expressions of your inner yin (feminine) & yang (masculine), we are freed of the unconscious external search for our ‘other half,’ which is a recipe for dysfunctional co-dependency, a dynamic which was prevalent in the traditional form of marriage & is now being collectively transcended.

To find out more, check out my book, Creating Sacred Union Within here.


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