While it’s part of the process of inevitable change that old structures breakdown so new reforms are possible…it’s not comfortable.

In fact it’s downright disconcerting to feel all of our foundations cracking beneath us and even more distressing to witness society fracturing into warring factions, often driving a wedge between friends and family.

Our stress is compounded when we see the machinations being leveraged by those most afraid of change seeking to dominate using the tactic of divide and conquer.

So while there are many opportunities contained within a crises, one of the gifts in the current state of play is it reveals to us our own ‘state of the union’…how integrated our own psyche is when placed  under increasing pressure.

If we are one or two dimensional, with many aspects of our psyche unexplored and their behaviour largely unconscious, the more we’ll tend to polarise, seeing things in black and white. This mindset creates conflict with those who embody aspects and perspectives that are foreign to our understanding and experience.

In our modern culture that programs us not to pursue the quest within to truly know all aspects of ourselves, but rather emulate the popular icons of the day it’s no wonder we’re seeing division based on dualistic thinking.

But just as we transitioned from black and white movies and television to the full spectrum of colour, we’re now being asked to do that with our own vision of ourselves and the world.

We’re being asked to develop a multi-dimensional viewpoint so we may rise above the old paradigm of war based on fearing the other and the unknown as the perceived enemy.

To overcome crises we need a multi-dimensional approach. 

We need the sum of all parts to be on board and truly effective.

We need aspects like the hero and the mystic within us working together.

Imagine if modern-day prophets like Ghandi and Martin Luther King just focused on healing their own core wounds instead of taking right action in the face of social injustice? We wouldn’t have seen the necessary social and civil reform. Their legacy is legendary because they embodied both of these archetypes in equal balance.

All too often we witness the archetypal hero taking action to right perceived wrongs without seeking the insight of the guru within, the experiential wisdom of a mentor and a circle of fellowship to question their best laid plans. What unfolds is the road to Hell being paved with good intentions and fuelled by righteous indignation.

Similarly, if our inner mother isn’t consciously balanced by our other aspects, we may try to rescue everybody while neglecting our own self-care…and if our inner father is running the show single-handedly we’ll seek to implement rules and structures so rigid they alienate and oppress those we care about rather than face our own fear of chaos.

If we haven’t confronted our survival fears, our underdeveloped primal selves will hand over our personal power to anyone who promises to keep us safe and secure. This leaves the inner child at the helm who is compliant to external authority and hides from those who question authority, accusing truth tellers of scare-mongering to avoid the responsibility of processing fears triggered by their exposure to the truth.

A crises summons all aspects within us and reveals to us their level of awareness and ability to function.

A crises demands we do both the inner work of healing and emotional processing; the work of the inner feminine…

But it also asks that we equally act upon our conscience in our outer world and take a stand for our values, which is the work of the inner masculine.

If all the inner aspects that comprise the inner feminine and masculine within our psyche are not integrated into a functioning whole, we will inevitably be divided and crumble along with all that no longer serves us in our waking world.

If we want to rebuild our outer world into a cohesive harmony of all parts and fulfil the Whirling Rainbow prophecy – all colours and  creeds working together to birth a new era borne of wisdom and integrity we need to undergo a metamorphosis to awaken the multi-dimensional soul that consciously expresses all facets like a diamond.

To do that we must be humble enough to accept our old approach is limited and commit to awakening the Rainbow Warrior…the one who takes up the quest within.

The Rainbow Warrior is multi-faceted, with each aspect utilised to its fullest potential.

Now is the time of the Rainbow Warrior!

As the chaos of these transition times is presenting us with a choice:
Respond from the mind and view events from the perspective of duality, polarising into right and wrong, which causes both inner and outer conflict
Transcend it by activating the rainbow bridge within, the path out of 3D hell on Earth into a brighter future.

How do we take the latter choice? By activating our full spectrum of light and shifting to a higher frequency.

My book, Sacred Union: Awakening to the Consciousness of Eden, is a handbook for this process.

To experience this process in person via an intensive retreat, click here to find out more and register your interest.


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