Moon is now in Gemini so you may find everyone is extra chatty today as Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communication.

If you’re doing something that requires focus, you may need to take your phone off the hook or state clear boundaries with those whose overly social disposition is likely to distract.

A lunar transit in Gemini is, however a productive time to get stuff done online so if there’s:
– something you need to research
– online application forms you need to complete
– a webinar offering you info you need or
– an IT job you haven’t been unable to do now is a good time to find someone you know as a barter.

Mercury is the winged messenger – so this is a great time over the next day or so to attune to your guardian angel for healing, support & insight.

To do this, turn off your phone & put on some meditation music & light a candle. Then invoke their presence by simply asking them to be with you in your thoughts – then attune your subtle senses to feel them through whichever sense is strongest for you. (inner sight, inner knowing, inner hearing or inner sensing.)

Then ask them if they have any messages & sit with your palms open & notice any sensations, thoughts, knowing or images that come to mind.

If your mind is active, focus it by writing down questions you have for your guardian angel & then writing responses as stream of consciousness, inviting your guardian angel to speak through your pen.

Alternatively, you may wish to draw them or the messages & colours that would most uplift you so you may serve the world better as a being of light & love.

Blessings on your day,


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