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It’s time for the Rainbow Warriors to rise…those who activate the Rainbow Bridge to transcend duality and conflict


The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy

The Whirling rainbow prophecy refers to those who heal themselves and the Earth…

The ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ who come together to create a new world of justice, peace, and freedom

We awaken the power of the Rainbow Warrior when we activate the

power of the rainbow serpent within

This is the path of the awakened man who transcends the quest for external power by awakening his inner power

The masculine Rainbow Serpent is called Pingala

We awaken this meridian of bio-energy known as kundalini, by understanding the 7 masculine aspects that govern the 7 energy centres

This is the ancient path to healing and ascension which has been kept hidden and it’s symbol appropriated by the pharmaceutical industry

In keeping with the ancient Tantric tradition, we activate this energy during the sun’s transit through the constellation of the awakened man, Ophiuchus.

This is how to prepare your light body to enter the Photon Belt in 2022! 


 It’s time to liberate your idea of what it means to be a man

Men have been conditioned to achieve wealth and status to prove their manhood

This limits men from creating a soul-fulfilling life 




We are emerging from an era where men were pressured to conform to societal expectations that resulted in the oppression of the authentic masculine expression.

While there are more men exploring male archetypes as a framework to heal and empower their psyche…

These are usually limited to just 4 archetypes; the warrior, lover, king and magician…

This leaves missing pieces that prevents men from reclaiming the totality of their male power and identity.


How do we know we don’t have the full picture?



The human soul is multi-dimensional, comprised of both masculine and feminine polarities.

When a man activates all 7 masculine aspects he unlocks his masculine potential and feels complete.

So he doesn’t need external validation!

Without a map to embody all facets men seek approval…this disempowers men 


This 7 step program is designed to empower every facet of your male psyche, while activating the flow of energy from the base to the crown, resulting in:

  • personal empowerment
  • increased libido
  • heightened intuition
  • expanded awareness
  • magnetic charisma
  • enhanced creativity
  • ecstatic, multi-orgasmic states 

Long ago I was initiated into the journey by the timeless echo of the endless refrain “Who am I?” In a somewhat desperate attempt to help navigate safe passage I gathered many tools.

I had been introduced to Tanishka’s work by my partner. I recognised her instantly as an insightful guide by the clarity, gnostic sincerity and grounded practical approach to the world just beyond my experience.

I saw her offer to join in meaningful community, and explore the masculine archetypes, as another navigational tool, so I  joined the Warrior Rainbow Men’s group. 

I had a blast.  It was perfect timing for me, and could not have come at a more auspicious moment.

The stress of being on this planet at this moment, including my recent divorce, as well as watching my father slowly dying from Alzheimer’s disease, all compelling good reasons to try something more, something different, something focused and structured.

The course material was presented in  weekly instalments. information was well researched and insightful.  The format of online education and group meetings were very well coordinated.  I cannot imagine the amount of effort in the time it took to put this together. It is an impressive final product. 

Each week brought new revelations regarding my experiences growing as a  male both culturally and energetically. The intriguing practices and resources provided is a treasure chest of light. The groups were wonderfully midwifed. 

We shared across the planet about our beautiful multidimensional male-selves in community.

It was inspiring.

With a deep bow,

Dr Mark Gocke M.D.

Course Schedule


Wild Man – Let out your ROAR and liberate your personal power by healing shame about your physical body and urges to feel truly alive, free and connected to your deepest passions


Brave Warrior – Learn how to harness and direct your energy creatively instead of destructively so you don’t destroy yourself and those you love. while identifying your true values so you don’t feel like a rebel without a cause.


Noble Statesman – Identify your soul gifts and life purpose and awaken your courage and confidence to pursue your goals without inhibition or compromising your happiness to please others. 


Green Man – Discover how to align with the power of the natural cycles to awaken the good king who is heart-centred, kind and patient as your inner ally healing the negative self-talk of the punishing critical father. 


Spiritual Teacher – Embrace gentleness as the greatest strength as you learn to embrace vulnerability with compassion and dignity. Discover the secret to true resilience and find your authentic voice as you learn to set boundaries and heal from past pain. 


The Magician – Learn how to tap your inner guidance and access innovative solutions to manifest your highest potential and the future of your wildest dreams by understanding the secret to inner alchemy and how to apply universal laws.


Zen Master – Access ecstatic states of consciousness without substances and experience Heaven on Earth through embodying and freely expressing all facets of yourself instead of polarising between concepts of good and bad and striving for perfection through abstinence, resulting in obsessional behaviours to avoid feelings of guilt. Learn to love like a God!

Do you feel you are not enough?

Are you constantly seeking external validation and approval?

 Men who don’t receive this initiation to discover the full spectrum of their manhood limit themselves by trying to live up to the models of manhood that they’ve been conditioned to emulate … so they behave like boys seeking approval instead of men who command admiration and respect.

Isn’t it time to do something for yourself?


Your Rainbow Warrior Online Resources


  • A daily energy practice to activate your masculine power 
  • A guided meditation to identify which aspect most needs healing
  • 7 x quizzes to identify the level of empowerment of each inner God
  • 7 x video tutorials to understand & empower each masculine archetype
  • 7 x self-reflection questionnaires to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each 
  • 7 x guided meditations to meet each facet of your masculine psyche
  • 7 x chakra fact sheets with practical applications
  • Suggested activities to embody each facet of the God within

What to Expect

Each week you receive an email to access new content and complete one module to keep you on track.

Allow 1 hour a week to complete each process.

You Also Get These Great Bonuses to

Support Your Journey!



A daily qigong energy practice led by Luke Anderson to support the activation of your mojo to start your day feeling great!



7 x weekly LIVE Calls Facilitated by Tanishka, The Moon Woman via video call to share your experience and support your journey of self-discovery! 



7 weeks of online mentoring with course creator, Tanishka who will personally respond to your questions via our online learning platform!



Introductory videos & articles that explain the process of activating the masculine meridian of kundalini life force energy!


Book a Private Masculine Archetype Session with Tanishka, exclusive to Rainbow Warrior students!

In your 1 hour LIVE Video Session, You will discover:

  • Which warrior aspect is dominant
  • Which of your energy centres are open, closed or semi-open
  • Whether each inner warrior is conscious, semi-conscious or unconscious
  • Which archetype is currently being called to initiation
  • And receive channelled personal guidance to empower and balance each facet of your masculine psyche!

You Also Receive…

MP4 recording

A one hour MP4 recording of your reading

Digital Chart

An attractive full colour digital chart report emailed to you.

About Your Facilitators

Luke Anderson
Qigong Instructor

Luke is a Martial Arts Sports Coach and Fitness Instructor, Qi Gong and Yoga teacher and lifelong student of these arts.

My personal journey of empowerment began 20 years. After growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks” and seeing the negative effects drugs, alcohol and lifestyle choices had on myself and others I decided to stop being a victim of life and take self-responsibility.

People who meet me will sometimes assume I was always a healthy fit, strong person however like so many people on the path I have experienced a great transformation. I knew nothing about yoga, martial arts, meditation or healthy eating until my uncle passed me a book “The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity “by Daniel Reid. I started my  Martial Arts journey as I was drawn to the male leadership that I lacked in my youth and found Martial Arts & Qi Gong gave me the perfect template for transformation. In my mid-twenties I began teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu and enjoyed empowering other men through the values it shared. Although I competed in Martial Arts I was always more drawn to the self-development and energetic side of training and found Qi Gong was deeply connected to this and it fast became my passion.

I’ve had a daily practice now since my early twenties that largely has consisted of training Qi Gong outside in the fresh air. By blending daily with the natural forces I’ve found a profound sense of intimacy with life itself. By aligning my routines to the cycles of nature, nature has smoothed out my rough edges and allowed me to soften into life.

My passion now is teaching people the language of your body can unlock your inner purpose. I have several online courses designed to empower people through the science of Qi Gong and have enjoyed using the healing methods of Qi Gong and Reiki to serve.

I’m so grateful to work alongside Tanishka as she is arguably one of the most insightful, intuitive and self-empowering people I know. I attended her full moon circles for some time and have completed Tanishka’s Men’s Circle Facilitator course that empowered me to step up and hold space for other men. Tanishka deep wisdom is matched equally with her humour and light. It’s an honour to facilitate with Tanishka and to serve our brothers at arguably one of the biggest years of transformation any of us have experienced.


Course Facilitator &
Archetypal Teachings

Tanishka experienced a kundalini awakening in 1997 and has dedicated her life ever since to assisting others to activate their life force safely using the mythic archetypes as a map for liberating the soul’s full expression through each of the 7 major energy centres. 

Loved as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily lunar guidance blog, Tanishka’s a former stand-up comic turned author of six books on ancient wisdom teachings including how to understand and balance the masculine and feminine aspects within us that comprise our psyche.

She has created a facilitator training program for men to navigate the 12 stages of the hero’s journey in alignment with the sun’s transit around the 12 zodiac signs.


She has also worked with men doing masculine archetypal chart readings as well as in couples sessions and workshops, ceremonies and run retreats for men and women.

keynote speaker at conferences, summits and festivals, she writes for numerous magazines and conducts online courses and speaking tours and facilitator trainings. Her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’, was published by Hay House and her next book maps the ancient rites of passage for men once known as The Holy Grail.

Before a man can create a soul-fulfilling life he must first understand and empower every facet of his soul.


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